About me

Full Name         : Nilam Cahya

Address               : Gunung Putri No 35 RT 02 RW , Bogor West Java – Indonesia

Cell Phone        : +62 85781316787

Place of Birth  : Bogor

Date of Birth    : March, 12nd 1994

Gender                : Female

Marital Status   : Single

E-mail                : ninopooh23@gmail.com

My Facebook  : Nilam Cahya Permana

My blog              : Nilam12.wordpress.com




Formal Education




2011 – 2012 Bogor EduCARE Business Administration
2010 – 2011 SMA Negeri 1 Ci                 binong Society

Informal Education                      

2008 03’s English Course English Course
2008 NBC English Course
2011 SSC English Course


Seminars and Training


2012 Seminar ‘Internet Sehat’, Bogor EduCARE
2010 Training motivation, ‘Goes to Ujian Nasional’ at Pondok ori  Bogor
2010 Seminar ‘University day’ Senior high school 1 Cibinong


Work Experiences

February – Aprl 2012 As secrety in Enteurpreneurship

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